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The perfect steak

There is no joy in this world like discovering and devouring the perfect steak. The soft texture, juiciness and pure beefiness of steak assaults the senses and can bring the hint of a tear to even the strongest man. 

But all too often, steak is not perfect. In fact it can be a painful journey between perfect steaks. This journey has taken some around the world in pursuit of the perfect steak. Unfortunately much of the steak we eat is tough and chewy or it’s dry and lacks any hint of taste. Many modern restaurants and butchers sell branded meant that has little meaningful value to customers.  Others pitch trendy and expensive steak such as the Japanese Kobe and Wagyu steak that costs more per gram than silver. Even terminology can be a minefield, with different countries and even foreign restaurants within countries referring to the same cuts of steak with different names. 

So what is Steak Society?

Steak Society has been set up to find the best steak and to give you all the knowledge you need to make the best steak choices. Steak Society is an open blog and it’s completely free to join. To comment on an existing post, rate or write about your favorite restaurant or steakhouse click join at the top right of the screen. 

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