The top 10 steakhouses in London

There’s nothing like a perfect steak, but it can be a long road between them. Fortunately we’ve spent another year eating our way around London’s steakhouses and we’ve settled on our top 10 steakhouses in London (2019-2020 edition).

This list is based on fully independent and impartial reviews by Steak Society. 

1. Jones Family Kitchen (Victoria)

An image of the prime rib and aged rump steak at the Jones Family Kitchen
Prime rib and 55 day aged rump steak at the Jones Family kitchen

Our stand out steakhouse of 2019 was the new Jones Family Kitchen Belgravia. Casually set in the refurbished Eccleston yards, not far from Victoria Station, the Jones Family Kitchen specialises in rare breed, responsibly sourced Longhorn steak. The steak is expertly cooked in a Josper oven. The result is perfectly cooked and delicious steak.

If you’re heading to the Jones Family Kitchen you need to try our favourite combination: a large medium-rare Prime Rib Steak with a rare 55 day aged rump steak on the side. You can read our full review here.

2. Macellaio RC Fitzrovia (Goodge St)

An image of the costata steak at Macellaio RC Fitzrovia
The costata at Macellaio RC Fitzrovia

For full unapologetic meat love you need to visit Macellaio RC Fitzrovia. This is Roberto Costa’s fifth butcher themed restaurant where high quality Fassona beef is served with Italian passion and flair. After you’ve started on steak tartare or carpaccio, you need to try the Costata (Bone in ribeye) or the Fiorentina (T-Bone).

Go for the Costata if you favour flavour and the Fiorentina if you favour variety. Macellaio has sister restaurants in Southwark, Farringdon, Battersea and Kensington, but we’ve found the steak to be consistently excellent at the Fitzrovia branch. Check our our full review here

3. Hawksmoor Borough (London Bridge)

An image of steak at Hawksmoor
The steak cuts at Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor is a London institution that has set the standard for good steak over the last decade (although Macellaio and Jones Family Kitchen have since raised that standard). Hawksmoor Borough is set next to another institution (the borough market) and gets inspiration from its menu there. You can’t go wrong with any of the steaks at Hawksmoor. Read our review of Hawksmoor Borough here.

4. Beast (Marylebone/Bond St Station)

An image of Chateaubriand at Beast
Old cow chateaubriand at Beast

Call it bestiality, because we are in love with Beast. Afterall, what could be better than exotic meat from around the world being cooked on a custom grill and served modern-medieval banquet style? Beast has a wide variety of fantastic steak including Finnish Simmental, Japanese Wagyu, Spanish Rubia Gallega, Basque style beef and Nebraskan USDA.

Go for the Spanish Rubia Gallega or Basque beef if you want steak with a real depth of taste and the Japanese, Finnish or Nebraskan USDA if you prefer tender steak. You can read our full review here.

5. Goodman Canary Wharf (Canary Wharf/South Quay)

An image of Fillet steak at Goodman
Fillet steak at Goodman

Goodman is a serious steakhouse that it serves quality British and USDA steak but feels a lot more formal (has a high price point too). However the steak is excellent. If you visit Goodman we recommend going for a cut of local British beef over the USDA prime beef. You can read more about our visit to Goodman here. 

6. Blacklock (Piccadilly Circus)

An image of the steak at Blacklock
Sensational steak at Blacklock

Black Lock specialises beef, pork and lamb chops and has the best Sunday roast in London (though you’ll need to book well in advance to secure a table). The steak cuts are perfectly cooked and the £5 cocktails are both strong and intoxicating. You can check out our review of the Blacklock here.

7. Jones Family Project (Shoreditch High Street)

A photo of Prime Rib Steak at The Jones Family Project
Prime rib at the Jones family kitchen

Sister to the Jones Family Kitchen, the Jones Family Project is shares a similar menu with the same well sourced Longhorn steak cooked over a Josper grill. The incredible steak along is well worth the trip to Shoreditch. Like at the Jones Family Kitchen, we highly recommend doubling the Prime Rib with the 55 day aged rump steak. You can read our review of the Jones Family project here.

8. Sagardi (Shoreditch High Street)

Full carnivore at Sagardi
A steakgasm at Sagardi

Sagardi takes its inspiration from Basque ciderhouses and serves fantastic ‘old cow’ beef. The restaurant is spacious and serves smaller tapas sized portions except for the giant Rubia Gallega Txuleton steak (cooked over a large charcoal grill). The steak may cost a week’s pay, but it’s totally worth the steakgasm. You can check the steakgasm we had at Sagardi here (if you dare).

9. Santa Maria del Sur (Queenstown Road)

An image of the rib eye steak at Santa Maria del Sur
Rib eye steak at Santa Maria del Sur

Located in Battersea, Santa Maria del Sur flies the flag for Argentine steakhouses in London. With authentic Argentine steak and great empanadas, Santa Maria del Sur is a great south London steakhouse and easily gives gaucho a run for its money. Although there’s no sharing steaks, we recommend pairing a medium rare rib eye steak with provelta cheese and a couple of the delicious empanadas. You can read our full review here.

10. Heliot Steakhouse in the Hippodrome Casino (Leicester Square)

An image of Heliot Steakhouse's 'rib on the bone' extra dry aged steak
Heliot Steakhouse’s ‘rib on the bone’ extra dry aged steak

What business does a good steakhouse have in a Leicester square casino?  It turns out Heliot Steakhouse is a safe bet with extremely fair prices and surprisingly good USDA beef (from more mature cattle) and a unique view over the casino floor and stage.  You can check out our full thoughts on Heliot Steak house here.

Honourable Mention: Flat Iron (Covent Garden)

An image of the Flat Iron steak at Flat Iron
Flat Iron and cleaver

With only one steak on the menu, Flat Iron offers one of the best deals in central London. While the £11 Flat Iron steak doesn’t compare to the taste, variety or sizes on offer at the restaurants in the top 10, it’ll certainly leave less of a hole in your wallet.

If you’re visiting Flat Iron for the first time, you need to try the Flat Iron (it’s usually but not always the only steak on the menu), combine it with the very good chips and a blood orange old fashioned and you’ll be sorted (unless you eat a lot of steak and need a second portion). You can read our full feature on Flat Iron here (note that the restaurant in Henrietta St includes free ice-cream).

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