Steakhouses selling real Kobe beef in London

Tender and succulent, Kobe Beef is claimed to be the best beef in the world. We’ll show you where you can get certified Kobe beef in London.

Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef is a brand of Wagyu (which means Japanese beef). The beef comes from the region or prefecture of Hyogo where the capital city is Kobe.

Only the best beef from the Hyogo prefecture that is raised and graded to exacting standards can be marketed and sold as Kobe beef. If you’d like to know more about Kobe beef, you can check out our detailed feature on it. You can also check out our review of Kobe beef when we ate it in the city of Kobe.

Certified Kobe Beef in London

To be sure that you are eating and spending your hard earned money (because real Kobe will cost a lost) on real, certified Kobe beef,  we’ve listed and mapped the seven places in London that sell it.

Tajimaya (Buy instore or online)

Tajimaya is a butcher and online store specialising in the sale of Kobe beef and other kinds of Wagyu. If you can cook a great steak, you’ll save money by buying your Kobe steak here and cooking it at home.

An image of Kobe beef for sale at Tajimaya UK
Kobe beef for sale at Tajimaya UK

You can visit Tajimaya’s website here.

M Threadneedle Street

M is a steakhouse serving exotic and high end steaks from around the world including USDA, Argentine, French, Southern African and Kobe beef in a glitzy setting.

M Victoria Street

The newer M restaurant in Westminster also sells leading steaks from around the world

KAI Mayfair

The Michelin starred restaurant focuses on high end Chinese and Asian cuisine. The restaurant is certified to sell Kobe beef, but currently does not have Kobe beef on its menus (instead it is currently offering Kagoshima Wagyu).


Sushisamba fuses Japanese and South American cuisine in stunning surroundings at the top of Heron Tower in the City of London. Serving a variety of meat and steak, Sushisamba also has a limited Kobe beef menu.

You can book Sushisamba here.

Tokyo Sukiyaki Tei

Bringing Tokyo style food to London, Tokyo Sukiyaki Tei offers Kobe beef but with a major twist:  you cook the beef at your table over a grill (Yakiniku style), in a hotpot (Sukiyaki style) or in broth (Shabu-shabu style).

You can book Tokyo Sukiyaki Tei here.


Map view – Kobe beef in London

You can view the full list of certified restaurants worldwide here.

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