A rare steakhouse

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On a surprisingly warm March night, I finally made my way out to Rare Steakhouse having done something I rarely ever do – make a reservation in advance. I’ve tried a few times to get into rare steakhouse, usually it’s because I’m ubering past and make a last minute decision to drop my. But each time I’ve been rebuffed. This time however I booked in advance, so you can imagine my surprise to find the restaurant completely empty.

Rare steakhouse is located in Trafalgar st, caught between the affluent and more up and coming parts of the borough of Greenwich.  It stands out among the charity shops, discount stores and empty shop fronts -a world away from the settings of Barbecoa and Flat Iron. As we were the only ones in the restaurant, we could pick any table and chose the street-side window. The restaurant has a dark but comfortable theme, with red lights mirroring the exterior of the restaurant. Our host explained Sunday’s were typically quiet compared to lunch or Friday and Saturdays.

The broad menu was explained to us, with each steak including a side and steak sauce and options to add lobster or king prawns (including a three adjective prawn; the super jumbo king prawn). There were other non steak options including fish and the other sort of option of which we do not speak! We opted for starters (Halloumi and the Paratha), the T-bone (500gm) and rib eye (340gm) steaks ordered rare with Bearnaise and peppercorn sauce and sides of fries and beef salad (tomato and onion).

While waiting for the steak we tried a number of cocktails, with the Mai Tai and long island ice tea being strong, reasonable in cost and delicious.  The steaks arrived with generous servings of peppercorn and Bearnaise sauce, which while tasty was too runny. The T-bone steak was very good, the Sirloin side was juicy and tasty but not at tender. In contrast, the fillet side of the T-bone was delicate and melted in your mouth. The rib eye steak was tender and quite fatty, but no more than expected. Both steaks were cooked rare as ordered.

The bill for four cocktails, two starters, two large steaks (sauces and sides) came to ¬£115 (service charge was not added to our bill). This steak here is good and presents real value for money for a nice night out especially when contrasted to the likes of Hawksmoor or Barbecoa which, in more central and affluent areas, will cost you significantly more.

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