Steak in Havr

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Dalmatino Hvar. Looks can be deceiving.

It was August, it was around 9.30pm and it was still 30 degrees. We had arrived at Dalmatino Hvar, one of the premier restaurants on the Croatian Island of Hvar. We had also managed to secure seats on the terrace outside.

An image of the outdoor seating at Dalmatino
The terrace (or street) at Dalmatino

We had come to eat Dalmatian food, not specifically to eat steak. However, as I sat down I saw the couple opposite us being served the most gorgeous chunks of steak. That was that. I had to have steak.

When the waiter arrived to take our order I asked a few questions about the steak but only managed to confirm that the steak was actually from Croatia. He asked what sauce I wanted to have it with. his put me in a bother. I didn’t want sauce on my steak but I was pressured to do it. I eventually chose the ‘Istria’ steak. It was a fillet steak with black truffles in wine sauce. Despite the waiter’s endorsement I was nervous about having my favourite food with one of my least favourite things (truffles).

The steak

The steak arrived promptly and looked amazing. It was large and thick. I cut a slither of steak and knife almost fell through the steak. Cutting into it revealed a gorgeous rare steak. I was salivating, I put the slither of steak on my tongue and it melted like butter. I admired how exceptionally tender it was but it tasted like truffle and nothing else. This was concerning.

An image of Istria steak at Dalmatino
Istria steak

I tried to get some steak that had not been infected with the truffle sauce. I placed a piece of steak on my tongue and shut my eyes to concentrate and find some hint that this was really a chunk of beef. There was nothing. Not a hint of beefiness. It was merely tasteless and tender texture. I was almost grateful for the overpowering sauce.

The verdict on Dalmatino Hvar

I can’t really fault anything else at the restaurant especially the rest of the food (which was excellent). However, the steak was very disappointing. I suspect the cow was immature or grain feed. It does strike me that Dalmatino should review their steak suppliers, even if that means going to a non-Croatian supplier.