Flat Iron’s £10 steak is hard to beat

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While Flat Iron, focuses on the steak cut of it’s namesake there are also alternatives such as the burger and regular specials, such as a Rib Eye steak when we visited. The core product is the £10 Flat Iron steak (Butler’s steak to the Brits and Blade Steak to the Antipodeans) which comes to your liking with a side of salad.

After being seated, we were promptly served and ordered the £10 flat iron cooked medium-rare (as recommended for the cut). The steak arrived within 15 minutes along with our sides (fries and spinach).  The steak was medium rare (see main photo) while the steak was tasty but had the chew expected of a flank steak.

If you’re as fussy as I am about steak, the flank may not be your first choice or indeed you may prefer steakhouses like Hawksmoor or Gaucho. However, the value proposition offered by Flat Iron is hard to beat – it’s perfect for those on a smaller budget and ideal for a business lunch.

If it’s freebies you’re after, then Flat Iron does not disappoint. Along with some tasty popcorn while you wait for your steak, we were surprised to be given two tokens for free ice cream; this is a specialty of the London Covent Garden branch in honour of Carlo Gatti who pioneered Ice Cream in Covent Garden in 1850. The icecream on offer is salted caramel icecream covered with chocolate pieces. It’s a sweet end, to an otherwise savory delight.

We highly recommend that you check out Flat Iron