Santa Maria del Sur

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I’ve had so much average Argentine steak that I expect to be disappointed at Argentine steakhouses. But I felt some sense of excitement about visiting Santa Maria del Sur, perhaps it was the meat lovers menu or perhaps it was the occasion of eating steak with someone I hadn’t seen for awhile.

Santa Maria del Sur

Santa Maria del Sur is an Argentine steakhouse in Battersea, South London. It has a promising menu for meat lovers including carpaccio, meat balls, chorizo, empanadas along with parrilladas (mixed grills of steak, ribs, sausages) as well as individual fillet, sirloin, rib eye, flank and rump steaks. There aren’t any big sharing cuts of steak, so if you’re after a T-Bone or prime rib, you’ll have to settle for one of the parrilladas or a decent sized personal steak.

An image of the interior at Santa Maria del Sur
Santa Maria del Sur

I ordered two empanadas (mince and cheese & ham), provoleta cheese, the 300g rib eye steak and a glass of Malbec. I wanted to know a little bit more about the beef, but unfortunately the waiter didn’t know much more than the country or origin. The empanadas and provoleta cheese arrived shortly after ordering and didn’t dissapoint.

An image of Empanadas
Empanadas, like Cornish pasties just Argentine.

The steak

The steak was served with a little garnishing of red pepper and lettuce. It did feel small, especially when I’d usually share a huge steak.  I carved into the rib eye to see a nice medium rare steak. The steak was  pipping hot and I noticed juices start to pool where I’d cut the steak (meaning the steak had come directly from the grill or oven rather than being rested). However, I ate a piece and immediately noticed the beefiness and tenderness. There is nothing more important than a beefy taste; if the steak is slightly chewy or if its not that succulent it doesn’t matter too much to long as there is taste.  I easily worked my way through the steak.

The rib eye steak
The Rib eye steak

I decided, completely unnecessarily, to have the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (after a month of eating nothing but meat, the idea of dessert is enough for me to order it). The cheesecake should be missed. The layers don’t work too well (a very large base) and the Dulce de leche should be marbled throughout the cheesecake rather than as a layer. The cheesecake sat heavily on what was otherwise a good meal.

An image of the dulce de leche cheesecake
The dulce de leche cheesecake


With authentic Argentine steak and great empanadas, Santa Maria del Sur delivers a great steak. But with some minor improvements (especially some larger steaks), Santa Maria del Sur could be compete with the top steakhouses in London.

Recommended meal:

  • Starter: Mince empanadas and provoleta cheese
  • Main: 300g Rib eye steak with your choice of sides
  • Drink: Malbec (any).




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