Prime steak in Tel Aviv

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Our trip in the holy land wrapped up in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the antithesis of Jerusalem; it’s a party town on the beach where alcohol is consumed all night and sexuality is flaunted. It’s a place that does not stop – not even for Shabbat. It’s also eye wateringly expensive with beers sitting you back between 30 and 35 shekels or £6.50 – £7.50 on average and food going for the same price as a central London or New York restaurant. We were told that the food would be amazing, but we found it pretty hit and miss.

After our excellent meaty experience in Jerusalem with Midnight Steakhouse we decided to find an upmarket restaurant and found NG Restaurant in the hipster suburb of Neve Tzedek. Fortunately they were able to accommodate our same day reservation request.

Our waiter discussed the menu. I assumed the beef was produced outside of Israel, having seen no suitable lands across my travels. However, the waiter explained that the beef was sourced from the Golan Heights, an area that the Israeli army claimed from Syria in the Six Day war in 1967 and have occupied since. The Golan heights receives more precipitation and has more fertile land than anywhere else in Israel and can sustain beef production. Once NG restaurant gets the steak they then age it below the restaurant.

We were presented with a number of steak cuts; the porterhouse, prime rib and new york strip. We went for a 1 kilogram prime rib steak cooked rare paired with malbec as well as starters of prawns and bread. The steak came with baked potatoes and spicy tomato salad.

The starters were excellent with prawns cooked in a delicious peanut sauce. The steak itself was served with bone and sliced into pieces. The steak came rare as ordered and had an rich smoky flavour. The steak at the bottom of the cut was tasty although very fatty. The pieces toward the top of the cut (see photo) were some of the finest pieces of steak I’ve ever had –  get emotional just thinking about it. The baked potatoes and salad were also excellent.

However, having filled a hole in a our stomachs, NG restaurants created one in our wallets. The damage for the 1kg steak with starters (free sides) and a bottle of malbec came to £142 total or 641 Shekels. NG is certainly on the premium side of steakhouses, you could compare it to Hawksmoor, Goodman or Barbecoa and the value would be similar.