The T-Bone Tour of London

Introducing the T-Bone Tour of London

If there’s two things I love it’s T-bone steaks and the honest, hardworking London butcher serving top notch British beef. But not all steaks and not all butchers are made the same. The T-Bone Tour of London is my hunt to find out which London butcher has the best T-Bone Steak.

Why do I love the T-Bone steak? Because it’s two steaks in one separated by a T shaped bone. You’ve got the fanciest steak; the Fillet as we call it (or the tenderloin as the Yanks call it and the Fillet Mignon according to the Frogs). This is a super lean and really tender piece of steak.  On the other side of the bone is the Sirloin, this has a strip of fat on the outside and is tastier but has a bit more chew than the Fillet.

So there you have it: the T-bone gives you the perfect mix of taste and tenderness.

An image of a T-bone steak for the T-Bone tour of London
A lovely T-Bone steak. The Fillet is on the left and the Sirloin is on the right. There will be lots of these on our T-Bone Tour of London

In 2018 I’m going to be hitting every Butcher I can to find the best T-bone steak in London. You can see my list here and follow my progress on Steak Society and on our Facebook page.

Can you recommend a great London butcher?

Oh, one more thing: do you know a great butcher? Brilliant, please tell me about it in the comment section below. You can even write a review or rate your butcher as well.

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