Sunday Roast at Barbecoa

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I keep my Sundays holy; I don’t leave bed until after midday. However, the opportunity to preview Barbecoa Piccadilly’s sunday roast shortly before midday was an opportunity I could not miss.

There were four roast options available on the day; chicken, pork, beef and the weekly special Рthe lamb roast. The prices are based on number of courses with one course setting you back x, two courses costing £27 and three courses costing £32. We opted for three courses, with the Beef (Sirloin) roast as the main.

Our starters were the creole ribs and spicy chicken wings. The ribs, while tasty and quite delicious did not ‘fall from the bone’ and had a bit of chew to them. The spicy chicken wings were served piping hot and took sometime to cool before they could be eaten.

The mains arrived shortly after, the roast was served as a decent amount of beef, a large Yorkshire pudding, a minuscule amount of gravy and a separate serving of potatoes with watercress. The roast beef (sirloin) was cooked medium-rare, was very tender and had a rich taste. The Yorkshire pudding and potatoes were also good, but we had to ask for additional gravy as only a small amount was initially provided. The watercress was a major letdown; it was almost inedible. Barbecoa would be better to serve traditional roast vegetables.

Dessert arrived about 20 minutes after our mains were cleared. We ordered the snickersphere and the barbecoa brownie. The snickersphere was unusually brilliant. Once it’s rather firm chocolate outer shell is broken, it reveals a caramel, peanut and icecream interior with a hint of popping candy. The barbecoa brownie was a bit more traditional, but incredibly rich.

Overall, a good experience but some tweaks to the menu required to perfect the Sunday lunch offering.

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