Pure blasphemy at Flat Iron

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Flat Iron is famed for it’s simple menu – the main item on offer being the £10 flank steak which comes with a small side salad. Today however, I felt like a change. After discussing the menu and specials with the waitress  (the flat iron, the burger (£10 each) and the denver steak (£15)) I opted for the burger.

I’ve previously reviewed the Flat Iron steak offering so it was largely a choice between the burger and the Denver steak. The Denver steak is similar to the flat iron, in that it’s from a working muscle (the shoulder area) of the cow, but promises a good taste. The burger patty is deep fried to give it a crispy outside and is cooked to your liking (in our case pink) and smothered in Bearnaise sauce.

As the steaks other people had ordered whizzed past I felt a deep sense of shame and missed opportunity at bypassing the steak. However, the burgers arrived and were impressively large. After taking an instagramable photo, I bit into the burger. The beef patty was about an inch thick, crispy on the outside and medium on the inside. The Bearnaise sauce, which I’ve never had on a burger, was rich  and generously slapped on top of the patty. Half way through the burger I had this strange feeling in my stomach where I felt like I was filling up. A lesser man would have given up, but fortunately, I manned up and conquered the burger.

The burger at flat iron is sensational and presents a real predicament: Is the steak or the burger better at flat iron?  Although it puts me at the mercy of the steak society firing squad, I’d have to give it to the burger for the size, value and amazing combo of beef patty and Bearnaise sauce especially for those with a larger stomach, but for those on a smaller appetite the flat iron steak may be easier to stomach.

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