The School of Meatology

Are you one of the 25% of people who can’t cook a good steak? Chef Ioannis’ new School of Meatology has got you sorted.

Master steak at the School of Meatology

According to research from the Heliot Steakhouse, 25% of the British public don’t feel comfortable cooking steak or make mistakes cooking it (overcooking the steak, not cooking it on a hot pan and not resting the steak).

Heliot Steakhouse’s Head Chef Ioannis Grammenos has created the School of Meatology to teach you how to cook a great steak.

An image of Heliot Steakhouse's Head Chef Ioannis Grammenos
The School of Meatology is run by Heliot Steakhouse’s Head Chef Ioannis Grammenos

The course is £60 and includes a three course dinner with wine. This is pretty decent value.

You’re in safe hands with Chef Ioannis, we’ve previously (and independently) reviewed Heliot Steakhouse and found the steak to be generously priced and delicious. The special setting (inside a casino) also gives it a unique touch. You can read our review of the Heliot Steakhouse here

An image of the interior of Hippodrome Casino
The location of the school of Meatology

Full details:

  • Location: Heliot Steakhouse at the Hippodrome Casino
  • Time and Dates, 6pm on 16 May, 6th June, 12th September, 7th November.
  • Cost: ¬£60
  • Includes: Welcome drink, Masterclass, 3 course dinner and wine pairings.

How to Book:

You can book by emailing Heliot steakhouse at or calling them on 0207 769 8844.

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